How WHO is supporting refugees and migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic

In Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar, WHO is working with governments[7] to secure the health of nearly one million Rohingya refugees and their host community against multiple threats of COVID19, cyclone and diseases associated with the upcoming monsoon season.

“It is essential that organizations working with refugees and migrants have access to the technical guidance and resources required to prevent and control COVID-19 among displaced populations,” said Dr Zsuzsanna JAKAB Deputy Director-General of WHO.

WHO has been working closely with ministries of health across the world in Cambodia, Greece, Lebanon, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey among others. On the ground in Thailand, Universal health coverage is provided to all migrants regardless of migration status. WHO country offices have mobilized resources locally from the Government of Japan to help strengthen surveillance and outbreak response in refugee camps, along with facilitating supplies of PPE and commodities. A migrant hotline for COVID-19 in the Khmer, Lao and Burmese languages is launched.

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