How WHO is supporting refugees and migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic

In countries that host a large number of refugees and migrants, WHO country offices have been working with ministries of health and other partners in their efforts to prevent and control COVID-19. and collaborated with other UN agencies to provide interim technical guidance[4] on scaling up outbreak readiness in humanitarian situations, including refugee camp and non-camp settings. Similar guidance has been released specifically relating to countries in the European[5] and Eastern Mediterranean[6] regions where refugee populations are high.

The WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) has developed a reporting system to monitor the occurrence and trend of COVID-19 among displaced populations in camps and non-camps settings. The country Offices, including Djibouti, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, report any rumour immediately and aggregate data every week. Also, to enhance interagency coordination for country supports, WHO EMRO in collaboration with IOM, ESCWA and ILO have established a “Regional Taskforce on COVID-19 and Migration/Mobility”.

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