An Investment In APIs For IBM i From Remain Software

OAS APIs can be feature rich, which is great for customers, but also potentially problematic. The Remain API Studio takes some of the complexity out OAS API development, says Wim Jongman, CTO and co-managing partner of Remain Software.

Remain API Studio is able to generate a basic webservice out of a file specification. You browse to your file (DDS or SQL based for IBM i) in the Remain API Studio or TD/OMS and select the fields that you want to be part of the communications payload. The software then generates the specification.

“The OpenAPI specification enables you to perfectly describe the interface to your digital assets like your REST API,” Jongman says in a press release. “The spec can be so rich that it can be intimidating in the beginning and you might find yourself wading through a large JSON file.”

Remain’s API Studio addresses this challenge by enabling developers to “visually maintain the specification in a human-readable, graphical way, which shortens the development cycle and enables others to consume your services,” Jongman says. “We’ve been using and refining Remain API Studio to the point of our team’s extreme confidence and enthusiasm in releasing this version to the public today.”

API Studio can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with TD/OMS, Remain’s multiplatform DevOps/ALM solution. Hooking the product into TD/OMS gives the customer more control over the development and roll-out of APIs created with the API Studio.

API Studio went GA in May, but Remain has already updated it with version 1.0.11. The new release includes the capability to convert Swagger APIs to OAS specifications; to circumvent CORS restrictions; and the inclusion of eight new generators.

Remain has also updated TD/OMS with “an array of productivity-boosting refinements” designed to bolster change management and lifecycle management. Among the new features are: the creation of labels to help organize and group objects easily; unit testing integration; Git support and user interface improvements; and numerous enhancements to Journal Analyzer and Xref, Remain’s multi-platform advanced-cross-referencing search engine.

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